Live Life, Give Life – An Initiative By IAAW

You might have so many extra things which you don’t use and they are lurking in the corners of your home.
Before you toss those items in the garbage, consider saving the planet, and helping out those in need, by donating the

IAAW, LIVE LIFE GIVE LIFE mission is to provide care, love, and development for children and communities living on the streets of India and in conditions of extreme poverty. We strive to help as many children as possible and focus on those in most urgent need with the help of UDAY FOUNDATION & I-INDIA FOUNDATION.

You Can Donate:-
1. Clothes
2. Books
3. Shoes
5.School material (bags, lunch box, water bottle, notebooks

Important Guidelines:-

1. Give only washed & usable materials

2. Pack & Seal your material.
3. Label it Send a list of items.
4. Write your contact details (Name, E-Mail, Address)
5. Wet, Dirty Soiled Material will not be accepted.

Steps :

1.REGISTER via LINK –Closed Now

2. Provide your details such as Contact Number, E-Mail address etc.

3. After successful registration, you will get an E-mail from us regarding further details.

‌Support us in making the lives of children better and more meaningful. Donate Now.

REGISTER via LINK – Closed Now