Contribution that Counts

True Dreamster likes caring for the destitute people and so a part of its profits is contributed by us towards donations, social causes and self-led initiatives.

Our Tidbit for the Society

We believe in helping those in need, this is why we have been actively involved in contributing our bit for the betterment of the society.
Be it in collaboration with non-profit organisations or individually, we have organised several social events.

Some of our works

In November, 2018, we had lead a book donation drive in which our team had donated a huge number of books to the less fortunate people, sharing the joy of reading.

In April 2018, we had raised contributions for Helpage India, a non-profit organisation working relentlessly for the disadvantaged elderly citizens as well as the poor.

In June 2018, the same year, our community teamed up with several artists and individuals and lead the STREE movement, raising a voice against injustice and infringement towards the honor of women, which received appreciation from people all over the country.

Our team has also been actively taking up responsibilities of feeding the hungry stray dogs during the pandemic.

To be a part of a good cause, Contact us at : and contribute your share towards the betterment of the society.