the mega manuscript

Record-Breaking Collective Effort

  • The Thickest Book (20 Inches)
  • Most Co-Authors in an Anthology (10,000)


Anthology will be applied for World Records



True Dreamster Press in association with Dreamer’s Shelf announces GRAND ANTHOLOGY- THE MEGA MANUSCRIPT in which you can submit your entries and get a chance to get featured in the biggest Anthology of all time.

Theme of the Book

The central theme of this extraordinary book is OPEN and boundless, allowing its co-authors to explore a vast array of topics and genres. 


In this anthology, we are celebrating the richness of human expression through language diversity. We wholeheartedly welcome and honor every language.

Genre of the Book

Co-authors are invited to contribute either captivating POEMS or enlightening ARTICLES to this exceptional anthology. Let your creativity flow freely as we celebrate the power of words in both verse and prose.

No. of Pages & Words

Each co-author's contribution will be limited to THREE pages. The word count for each page will be approx. 250-300 Words. Co-Authors will get 3 pages for content & 1 for Bio.

co-author's charges


Co-Authors will receive an E-Book, an E-Certificate, and World Record E-Certificates.

Book Your Slot

Grand Anthology